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Alum Brandon Kelly is a graduate of Wright State University majoring in dance. He currently is a professional dancer and lives in NYC.
Talibah Ashe,a member of 7 years, is a local singer, who just returned from perfoming in DollyWood this summer.
Alum Damien Stanley works a full time job and is preparing for his upcoming nuptuals
Alum Catherine Mills received her Master's from Ohio State University has a bright future in politics. She will run for Cincinnati City Council next election.
Eric is a popular DJ  in California. We are very proud of Ej,a  college graduate, who also served our country.
Justin Ruff attends Columbia in Chicago where he also is a local jazz singer.
Kachera played Dorothy in our version fo "The Wiz" and Marlon was the Lion. Kachera is studying Communications and Marlon resides in Atlanta. Both still perform with FWP.
Longtime member Kellee Smith is a graduate of Howard University majoring in Theatre. She lives in Washington, D.C.
Chantel is in middle school and is currently studying dance, drama and vocal music at FWP. She will star as Dorothy in our production foi THE WIZ , slated to open November 2012.
A graduatre of Judson University majoring in Theatre, Jamond is working with youth as  the site coordinator for the YMCA
A 3 year student of FWP, 12 year old Maia also attends SCPA and has been featured in local / major films.
Both twins are studying drama and dance and has training in gymnastics
Alum Rashonda has been featured in FWP most memorable shows with her powerhouse voice.  She still performs around her full schedule.
Jordan is a gifted drummer. He plays with various bands and churches.
Jamila is a graduate of Ohio State University and is now the associate producer of Cincinnati's Channel 9 WCPO Tv station.
Clarence, 14,  has been at FWP his entire life and has had memorable roles in many of our most popular plays.
Alum Mercedes Hollins is currently in school for nursing
Alum JeMarr is still an active member who wants to become a teacher, which is what he is in college for now.
"Future World is so important because they give you the tools to build your future, what you do after that is up to you." - Brandon Kelly

"It's hard to explain Future World. It is a place like no other. You almost have to see it to believe it. You will definitely be changed for the better when you  do ."
                                         - Talibah Ashe​

"FWP taught me how to apply myself.. I now know I can do anything I set my mind to."- Damien Stanley

"I  have had the most memorable experiences and some great performing opportunitites I never would've gotten anywhere else. " -Catherine Mills

 Mrs. Gwen, Ms. Jackie and Ms. Brandy is always there for you and pulls the best out of you. They encourage you to succeed"- Eric "EJ'' MacDonald

" Future World helped me grow as a performer and a person. I accepted challenges I never would've attempted. I'm forever grateful for what they've taught me and introduced me to"   -Justin Ruff

" We spent more time at Future World than we did at home! It's still a large part of our lives and the friendships last forever. We love you FWP" 
        -Siblings Marlon Ross & Kachera Williams

"Future World nurtured my love for dance and started me on the path to my career. I'll always be grateful. It's an amazing place."  - Kellee Smith

" I just joined FWP and I hope to stay forever"
                                     -Chantel Washington

​"I've learned so many things through Future World's program, things that will carry me through life. I am what I am today because of the things I've learned there. I recommend FW to everyone I know and meet." - Jamond Foree

" You get great training and alot of attention at FW. It's a place where you can shine"
                                 - Maia Morrigan

" It's so much fun!" -Kenniah & Kenniyah Dexter

" FWP should not be viewed as a company, it is much more than that. It is a place where you are supported, and loved, and encouraged to be the best you can be. It is a family that​ is always there for you. It's not just about the arts, it's about life." 
                                    - Rashonda Jackson

"It's a great place to be showcased and you'll have fun while learning." - Jordan Brooks

" I found that Future World inspired me to try different thangs, which helped me find what I love to do."  Jamila Williams

"They will work you to death ! ( lol) It teaches you how to focus"- Clarence Dawson

"FW gave us kids and teens a chance to express ourselves in a positive way. We had a ball performing. It's a place where you can grow"
                                      - Mercedes Hollins

"FWP means the WORLD to me! It's my 2nd family who taught me so much. I'll always be grateful for what they instilled in me."
                                       - JeMarr Jackson
"FWP taught me what
 passion really is"
"FWP put me in the future of what I am doing in the present."

Alum Ron Jerome Avant followed his passion for music to California, where he is thriving as a musician / keyboardist for major celebrities. Ron's career started off teaching piano at the now defunct Macy Gray's Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. He currently has a residency at the Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica, where he plays with a jazz trio. Ron most recently played for and also toured with Pharcyde, Brother Ali and Snoop Lion.
Justin Ruff​
FWP alum Justin Ruff performs regularly in Chicago and brings a unique flavor to jazz music. Follow him on Facebook
(Justin Ruff Music)
 Ariel Dawson
"Art Is In My Heart"
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Congrats to Ge'Ana Ellis on graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University majoring I Psychology and Theater.

​Congrats to Ariel Dawson, graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design.


After 25 years of being located at 4910 Reading Road in Bond Hill, FWP has a new home. 

We are moving down the street into the Roselawn community.

Although our location is top secret for the next month as we do repairs and plan a grand opening, we thank everyone for their support and thank those who have helped or is helping us move into our new place. 

A special thank your Xavier University and Crossroads church for building our new stage and helping with repairs.


 Domonique Vinegar has always had a   passion for fitness, as he does for the stage. He is the  proud Founder and  Director of  FUN FREE FITNESS,  a motivational walking and fitness club for all ages.  Fun Free Fitness  is a great way to bring a high  level of awareness to observers about getting healthy and staying fit. Domonique  is also a personal trainer and  fitness consultant . For more info  call 513-787-2800  Join him on Facebook (funfreefitness)
"In many ways, I found my voice at F.W."
Shamyia Dornal
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